Top 4 Signs to Know if You Need a Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler System
Sprinkler System

Having a lush and beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream. The green grass ultimately becomes a stunning sight that relieves all your worries away. One of the best benefits of having a stunning lawn is basically the fact that it enhances the value of your property so if you’re thinking about putting your property in the market one day, you’ll definitely get higher price offers. An automated sprinkler system can help you achieve your dream lawn. However, while a well-maintained sprinkler system can last for years, some issues may arise at some point and you need to be on the lookout for these four signs.
1. Your water bills are unusually increasing.

Probably one of the most alarming signs which you need to take note of is a sudden increase in your water bills. Damaged sprinkler heads, broken valves, leaks – or just about anything that could keep your sprinkler system from functioning well – may cause water to over-spray. If you continuously forget to have it checked, you’ll end up losing more money than you can imagine. The key here is to immediately have your sprinkler system checked for possible repairs once you see a hasty surge on your monthly water bill.
2. Your system valves are acting up.

Has your lawn become weirdly dry? Or are some portions flooded? Yep, something is certainly wrong with the system which calls for a sprinkler system repair fast! Most of the time, the main cause of the problem is broken or malfunctioning valves. Water goes through the valves and out of the sprinkler heads. When something goes wrong, it’s either the water won’t come through or it would leak in one area of the lawn only.
3. You’ve noticed the grass dying.

Irrigation System
Irrigation System

Another cause for alarm is when you notice brown grass patches within your lawn area. Dry grass obviously means that it has not been watered for quite some time. The main cause? A malfunctioning sprinkler system. Deal with this by checking for some leaks or broken sprinkler heads. You might also need to verify if the water pressure is still good to provide enough water for your lawn. A thorough inspection will help you determine what needs to be fixed.
4. Your sprinkler heads are leaking.

A complete shut-off of the sprinkler means that no water should drip from the sprinkler heads anymore. If the water’s still dripping despite the system being shut off, then there’s a huge problem with the heads. Broken sprinkler heads can lead to water inefficiency and higher water bills in the end. You can prevent this by checking the sprinkler heads regularly to make sure that it’s still intact.
It’s normal for sprinkler systems to malfunction at some point, especially when it’s been used for a long period of time. Regular maintenance, though, can help you verify if there are damaged parts that need to be repaired. Remember that replacing the entire sprinkler system is a very costly job and you can avoid that, not now, anyway, by habitually checking out your sprinkler system.