5 Sure Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

Trees do not just add aesthetic value to a home, park, or any other establishment, for that matter. More than their beautiful green leaves, trees offer shade, conserve energy, produce oxygen for cleaner air, and reduce the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Of course, you have to do your part in ensuring that the trees are kept healthy and strong. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than necessary.

Here are 5 signs that mean it’s time to take that huge tree down by tree removal.

The branches have become very weak.

When a tree begins to decay, it also loses its previous strength since the branches are not given enough nourishment to grow. As soon as you see thinning or weakening branches, consider it as an alarming situation that needs checking out and further inspection. You may also want to check the branches for insect infestation.

The trees are damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Strong winds and heavy rains can cause massive damage to trees, especially during the worst storms. Mature trees, for example, may tend to grow over your home or property, which may eventually fall over and cause a huge problem. For areas that are prone to snow and hurricanes, it is recommended to have old trees removed as a preventive measure.

The bark cannot produce new layers.

Tree bark is more than just a part of the tree, it actually works to protect the trees from getting harmed by the forces of nature. Normally, a tree bark can replenish itself from time to time, with the old bark falling off and revealing a whole new layer. If the bark can no longer produce a new one, then it means that the tree’s health is deteriorating.

There is an existence of harmful fungi.

Tree Services
Tree Services

The presence of fungi is one of the surest signs of tree trouble. Basically, there are different types of fungi that can affect trees, and most of them can eventually lead to tree diseases that may not seem apparent at first. Take the root and butt rot disease, for instance. This particular disease eats up the tree from the inside causing decay and instability. If left untreated, the tree will fall off on its own leading to property damage.

The tree is suffering from decay.

When a tree becomes injured, it can cause cavities that are relatively connected with the declining health of a tree. If the cavity becomes large enough to fit objects or even small children, it needs to be filled out immediately. If the cavity has become too large that there is a possibility that the tree might topple over, then it is recommended to have it removed. The key here is to have the tree checked out by a specialist to avoid further damage.

Removing trees is not easy and may pose as a huge disadvantage to both the people and eh environment, but when safety is being compromised, there’s nothing more to do but to let it go. A huge decaying tree can cause extreme damage to property, and sometimes, create a danger to the lives of the people near it. Tree removal may just be the only feasible solution. Find out more ways to remove a tree.