Septic Tank Pumping and Maintenance

Septic Tank Pumping
Septic Tank Pumping

If your septic tank is not only used for the bathroom but includes the disposal of wastewater from the entire house, keeping it in the proper working condition is crucial.

Septic tank pumping is sometimes needed before any work can be performed on a septic tank.  Which can be an underground tank connected to a house drain pipe. It has an outlet that passes under the yard to the field pipes. It operates by maintaining the solid waste material and allowing the liquid to flow into the subterranean soil through the field tubes. If there are remaining waste materials, they will be totally broken down by the anaerobic bacteria.

Locating your septic tank

There are few measures you can take to find it if your septic tank is not physically noticeable or buried deep underground. They are generally situated at least five feet from the construction. But to be sure of its precise place, use your land platform that you can take advantage of from the environmental office in your town. It will indicate your yard’s place. You can test with a thin metal rod the moment you understand the particular place. But be very careful so the sprinkler system, drain pipes, field pipes, and other things won’t be damaged.

You should get your septic pumped

On average, taking into account the size of the tank and the number of people living in the house, you need to have your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. If your bath begins to drain slowly, or your toilet backs up after flushing, then something may be wrong with the sewage, or the septic tank may be close complete. If you can avoid it until the experts have identified and solved the problem, contact a septic tank service and do not use too much water or facilities too much. The issue will not get worse this way.
Tips on how to keep a septic tank

Septic Service
Septic Service

Remember that it will go to the tank if you use too much water and fill it quicker than it should be. A toilet paper that is biodegradable is best for the toilet. Never flush toilet diapers, feminine napkins, cat litter, condoms, cigarettes, oils, petrol, paint, and other chemicals. Basically, the bathroom is just for your pee, poo, water, and smooth toilet paper. Also, don’t construct anything on the top of the septic tank or field lines above ground. Do not plant near or on the septic tank or field lines trees, shrubs, and vegetation.

Even if the tank has been effectively situated, you can dig around it, but do it thoroughly so that nothing can harm it or its surroundings. But don’t try to solve any issues it causes. If you notice a lag in any of the drains in the house and the toilet doesn’t work as quickly as it used to.

Septic Tank Pumping


Septic Tank Pumping

Everyone always dreads septic pumping due to the costs involved. If you take a second to think that you only do it once every three years, then it’s really no problem.

How often do I need to do it?

Septic tanks are a significant piece of some private sewage frameworks. These tanks are normally developed from concrete or plastic and gather sewage and wastewater from the house. Septic tanks are generally introduced where city sewer lines are not accessible, which implies they frequently serve provincial property holders or homes that were worked before city sewer lines were laid in the zone.

Given the way that septic tanks can hold a limited measure of sewage, it’s normal for mortgage holders to ask how regularly these tanks ought to be discharged. The appropriate response: It fluctuates. This depends on how big your tank is and how many people live at that house. Septic Tank Pumping can be needed every two to three years usually.

When should a septic tank be discharged?

When in doubt, you should in a perfect world void out your septic tank once every three to five years.

Be that as it may, the real recurrence will change contingent upon utilization and what number of individuals live in your family unit. You may need to siphon out a tank all the more much of the time in bigger families, for example, while a solitary individual living alone in a house might almost certainly go ten years without having the tank siphoned out yet a group of seven may need to siphon at regular intervals.

Sporadically siphoning out the septic tank is basic for its solid activity. A septic tank that isn’t working can present issues for any family unit, for example, sewage backing up into family empties or sewage rising out of the ground around the septic tank and parallel field.


To maintain a strategic distance from costly fixes and potential wellbeing risks, Roto-Rooter prescribes that you analyze and make note of your family unit’s septic tank siphoning interims to help make a siphoning plan going ahead. For instance, ask yourself to what extent you held up before already discharging the framework and if that implied you were managing flood issues. You may likewise chat with your neighbors with comparatively estimated families to show signs of improvement feeling of how regularly you ought to have your septic tank siphoned out.

For what reason does the tank should be discharged?

Over-burden is one of the fundamental reasons why septic tanks should be exhausted all the more every now and again. Because you’ve never encountered any serious issues with the tank doesn’t mean you should disregard your obligation regarding keeping up it legitimately.

Discharging a septic tank is significant in view of the tank’s fundamental reason. By structure, heavier substances settle at the base and in the long run structure a slime layer. In the event that the slop develops to larger amounts than permitted, increasingly strong substances will advance into the dirt ingestion framework (horizontal field). As parallel field channels become stopped up, fluids are kept from coursing through and out of the funnels to retained into encompassing soil. The last piece of this arrangement of occasions includes unsanitary water advancing back to the surface in light of the fact that the septic framework has turned out to be over-burden. At the point when this happens, you and your neighbors will smell it before you see it.

Marketing Agency: What’s your Business Growth Style?

Marketing Agency: What’s your Business Growth Style?

Marketing Agency
Marketing Agency

Know your business Growth Style to decide on better choices. We all have one life to live and how we choose to live it matters down the road. Would you like to travel in Jamaica… or choose an island close to Jamaica? Know your business growth style to decide which way you will travel.

Way of Life versus Value Type Business Growth
When I was in school a classmate of mine presented me with the idea of a Lifestyle business versus an Equity business—what I call your Business Growth Style:

Way of life (LS) organization: you will probably maintain a gainful business to subsidize an agreeable way of life. This is the “default” for the business plan of action.

Value (EQ) office: Also known as a “high-development” business, you will probably sell the office (or, irregular for offices). Normally worked around making very versatile items, however possible in the organization plan of action on the off chance that you settle on the correct choices (and execute well) en route.

This encourages you settle on better choices, in light of the fact that glad office proprietors commonly settle on business decisions that are predictable to their business Growth Style on the Lifestyle (LS) versus Value (EQ) continuum.

Test: Do you lean toward a Lifestyle or Equity organization?

All in all, which way do you lean… and which one would you like to be in case you’re not there now?

Way of life AGENCY: Put personal satisfaction first..

You presumably need (or have) a “way of life” organization on the off chance that you:

  • Wish you could decrease your hours
  • Love that working for yourself implies you can go to your children’s soccer matches
  • Need an upper white collar class way of life, with cash for pleasant getaways and a decent retirement
  • Need to work with other people who buckle down however who have needs outside the workplace
  • Make an above-showcase pay and sensible benefits, yet don’t require colossal appropriations every year

Seem like you? You presumably lean toward owning a Lifestyle (LS) office. You’ll structure your office around amplifying personal satisfaction, while letting benefit boost slide… a bit.

Running a Lifestyle office implies making arrangements for the future, at the end of the day living for now.

Value AGENCY: Maximize valuation first

  • You most likely have (or need) an Equity (high-development) office on the off chance that you:
  • Try not to mind working extended periods… however wish you were utilizing them all the more proficiently
  • Love that working for yourself implies you can put resources into developing the business, such as making an item that will profit while you rest

Wish you could manage the cost of a personal jet, to travel to your very own island*

Need to work with other “buckle down, play hard” types, and much of the time associate with colleagues outside of work

Are OK making a medium-sized pay now on the off chance that it implies having cash to reinvest in the organization so you can offer it for a great deal of cash in a couple of years

Seem like you? You likely lean toward owning an Equity (EQ) office. You’ll structure your organization around expanding organization valuation, while possibly giving personal satisfaction a chance to slide.

Remember that you may not get the procurement value you need, or the last terms may not accommodate your objectives; all things considered, you may later lament the penance.

* Reality check: Selling an office ordinarily doesn’t deliver enough cash to bear the cost of purchasing a personal jet or a private island.

So which Business Growth Style is better?

Think about it. One is not “““better” than the other. When I work with customers, my recommendation is dependably inside their qualities. Deciding which growth style was best for my Marketing Agency helped allow me to find importance and assemble the things I needed to coincide with that plan.

Pick the business approach (Lifestyle versus Value) that gives you the existence you need, and after that assemble everything else to help that.

A great many people are vary in the range between the two and can be hard to decide which is best. Take your time to decide which you lean more towards.

Most organization proprietors are stuck in the middle of the Growth Style continuum—inclining toward either Lifestyle or Equity, yet needing parts of both.

I tweak my recommendation to every office proprietor’s Values, Goals, and Resources—so I can decide which I lean toward- Lifestyle or Equity. This likewise implies on the off chance that you’ve coincidentally fabricated your organization around a model that is inverse your own qualities.

Pro tips for making better T Shirts Custom


Shirt configuration is a tremendously well-known outlet for creatives. Regardless of whether you’re an artist, visual fashioner or typographer, putting your structures on T-shirts can be gigantically engaging (not least since you can sell your plans on the web).


1. Set aside some effort to investigate your idea

Sketch your T-shirt configuration out, take a walk, make a couple of varieties, have something to eat, complete a full conceptualizing procedure. At that point think about it. Also, do it once more. On the off chance that it comes to you straight away, fantastic. Be that as it may, investigate other inventive alternatives in the event that something goes wrong.

2. Envision the plan on a T-shirt

There’s a huge contrast between configuration on the screen and a printed piece. Try not to be reluctant to deride up your T-shirt structure on a photograph of a model. Print it out if essential and spot it on a real tee. Ensure you see your work of art at a genuine size.

3. Keep all Details Organized and to the point

Everybody acknowledges incredible attracting capacity and tender loving care. There’s nothing superior to seeing an actually top-notch perfect work of art on a tee, which you can think about for a considerable length of time.

4. Think about your market

This is an imperative one. Is it true that you are structuring for male or female? How about youthful or old? Toward the day’s end, you’re structuring an item that you need individuals to wear.

Like a decent brand originator would do, record the definite individual you need to pull in to your T-shirt plan – their identity, what they like, what different brands they like and go from that point.

5. Keep your silliness unpretentious

In case you’re going for a silly T-shirt structure, you don’t need it appears to be a modest and minimal effort joke shirt. Indeed, even the best boisterous and in-your-face plans have unpretentious funniness.

I’m not an aficionado of 99 percent of silly tees, yet done accurately, funniness can blow some people’s minds. I’m burrowing Brad McGinty’s plans right now since he has a decent equalization.

6. Pick the correct hues

Custom TShirts
Custom TShirts

Utilize the T-shirt shading adequately and take a stab at picking reciprocal hues. In case you’re utilizing Adobe Illustrator, turn on Global Colors. It’s a flat out a lifeline and will spare you so much time.

You can likewise utilize Halftones to benefit as much as possible from the limited hues you’re permitted to utilize.

7. Set up your work of art appropriately

Use Pantone Colors when screen printing – your printer will love you for it. They’ll additionally cherish you in the event that you plot message and grow any strokes you may have. There are a lot of good instructional exercises out there, contingent upon whether you’re utilizing Illustrator or Photoshop.

8. Source a decent printer

It’s imperative to require investment to find out about what kind of T Shirts Custom you need to print on.

So your structure is done and appropriately artwork, yet your tee might be as ever as great your printer. Attempt a trustworthy organization like White Duck in the UK or Hey Monkey in the US. You could your nearby screen printer a call. Be that as it may, it’s essential to set aside some effort to find out about what sort of tee you need to print on.

The weight, sizes, naming alternatives, cost, etc all influence the finished result. This takes some time and will expect to address different organizations, yet one thing is for sure: manage an organization that needs to regard your tee as an end retail item and will deal with your work with consideration. Screen Printing is craftsmanship.

9. Get instructed

To have a decent comprehension of anything, you have to consider it and comprehend its specific circumstance

To have a decent comprehension of anything, you have to consider it and comprehend its specific circumstance. Tees have left every subculture wonder that has ever existed, regardless of whether it’s music, skateboarding, road workmanship, game or general popular culture.

Get some answers concerning them and have gratefulness for everything. One great book for reference is Vintage T-shirts by Lisa Kidner.

10. Be on top of things

Be propelled by what the most recent patterns are, however, don’t duplicate them. Odds are when you’ve seen that T-shirt created, different originators are moving onto something different away from public scrutiny.

Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler Repair
Sprinkler Repair

I have the worst luck when it comes to sprinkler systems. I have had every problem you can imagine occur. I have a Rainbird sprinkler system that is quite old in all fairness. It close to twelve years old. When it works, it functions great. However, when it’s that time to break down again, it can be problematic. I spent several thousand on getting it installed, so I am trying to avoid buying a new one. I have had any problem you can imagine from leaky pipes, clogged sprinkler heads, soggy spots, sick sprinkler heads, broken sprinkler controller, and few sprinkler heads replaced. Most of those problems I mention occur naturally with time and age of my system. Lately, it seems to be more of a regular occurrence. The sprinkler controller was replaced. The sprinkler heads were cleared of obstruction or replaced. The leaking sprinkler piping was fixed. Currently, the new problem is when I run my sprinkler system, all zones work except one zone. It seems to bypass the entire zone, whether I am in manual mode or running the system all the way through.

I called and asked a sprinkler company if they think I needed a sprinkler system repair or if he could troubleshoot with me over the phone. He mentioned sometimes the inactive zone is due to a lack of voltage to the terminals that send electricity to the zone. So it may not be getting enough juice. He said if this was the problem I may be looking at getting a new controller altogether. I told him I had the controller recently replaced and perhaps that wasn’t the problem. He had me look to ensure the controller wires weren’t loose or disconnected. Of course, that wasn’t the problem, so he continued to troubleshoot with me some more. He told me to check the solenoid on the valve. He said sometimes that can be faulty and may need to be replaced if it wasn’t the controller. I didn’t know what a solenoid was and actually still don’t. He described it to me so I could locate it. That wasn’t the problem.

Lastly, he had me assess the valve to see if it was the problem. He asked me to take it apart and clean the diaphragm. I did as he had asked pulling the little guy apart and cleaning. I reassembled it. Then he asked me to turn off and on the sprinkler system. He said to run the sprinkler system completely through. I ran from zone to zone. It actually fixed my problem! I am so grateful! This sprinkler company is so amazing to spend so much time with me on the phone to find the problem. I didn’t want to take any more time off from work. This guy walked me through step by step on how he would have assessed a non-working sprinkler zone. Now I know what to do next time. Clean the sprinkler valve!

Septic Tank Pumping near me

Septic Tank Pumping near me

Septic Tank Pumping Near Me
Septic Tank Pumping Near Me

When you spend the money to buy a septic tank, you know you need to take care of it to make it last. They do cost a lot of money upfront, but you can get decades of use out of it and even a lifetime if you care for it correctly. If you have appropriate maintenance on your septic tank, you can extend the life you will get from it while saving money on septic problems and ensuring quality water.
Most houses produce close to 90,000 gallons of wastewater per year. That is several hundred each day!
That’s a lot of wastewater used daily. All that wastewater has to go somewhere right? It will reach the septic tank if you don’t have a sewer system in place. From there the wastewater is filtered in the septic tank or sent down a sewer line. In a septic tank though, your wastewater is filtered separating scum and solid particles. It also pretreats the water in the tank. Then, it is sent out to the drain-field for purification. This takes about two days to complete the entire process.

We talk about maintaining your septic tank because this process can get messed up or even stop all together causing contamination, illness, and odorous water where it shouldn’t be. If you miss a septic maintenance appointment or neglect it altogether, this is where you begin to have costly septic mishaps. You can have groundwater pollution and property damage all due to a failed system. Groundwater pollution can affect many people if it reaches nearby streams, lakes, or rivers. You definitely don’t want that. This can be avoided and prevented if you maintain your septic tank.
So how does a homeowner with a septic tank prevent these costly problems?
It’s really simple. A septic tank will fill up depending on the number of people in a household and size of your septic tank in a about three to five years. Smaller septic tanks require more frequently septic pumping than larger septic tanks. If you have a septic professional remove your waste every three to five years, the drain-field will never overflow and cause any damage. You can continue to flush your toilets and wash dishes. No contaminated waters in the ground. No stinky smell lingering where it shouldn’t. You can continue to with your daily tasks without notice to your septic tank. Yep, so you won’t have to experience any of the problems expressed above if you just have your septic tank pumped when it needs it.
Septic Tank Pumping near me
In some rural areas, homeowners have a difficult time trying to find a septic company that is willing to travel to their location. I always suggest searching for septic tank pumping near me for the most accurate companies. This way you are sure to find a septic professional that is willing to service your area. If you aren’t sure if they service your area, it is best to give them a call. Some septic companies are willing to travel outside of their normal service area for a service that will give them several hundred dollars. Be sure you find someone before you need the service. It is so much easier to for a homeowner that way.

What Happened to the Septic Service Near Me?

What Happened to the Septic Service Near Me?

Septic Service
Septic Service

My sister moved into a home down the street from me. I was so happy she did since we lived far apart previously. She is still unpacking boxes and what not. We live in a really amazing rural area. It is very peaceful. I can hear the sounds of the rooster in the morning as the sun is coming up. I usually start my mornings than with a cup of coffee and the daily newspaper that I received the day before. My husband is usually at work about this time. He doesn’t sleep in ever for reasons I cannot understand. He is always up around four in the morning.

Anyway, I was enjoying my cup of coffee this morning, when I see several missed calls. It was my sister. I tried returning her call but was unable to reach her. She didn’t leave me a message, so I didn’t know what was going on. Being the good sister that I am, I wanted to see if she needed my help. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t an emergency. I get over to her home and knocked on the door. She yelled for me to come in. I could smell a foul odor coming from the bathroom. My sister informed me she has a plumbing problem. I asked her if I could help her, but she didn’t know if I could or how to fix it. I asked her the last time the previous owner had your septic system worked on. She didn’t know and didn’t think to ask before she bought the home.


I told her after attempting to use her plunger in her toilet that we need to get a septic guy out here. I informed her of the importance of septic pumping and tank cleaning. I called the closest guy I knew near me. No answer. It didn’t even get to the voicemail. I then had to google for a Septic Service Near Me. I found one ten miles away. He said he could get to her today. Hours later, he fixed her septic system and informed her of the buildup sludge reducing the effective capacity of my sister’s septic tank. He informed us it was clogging our pipes causing the problem. He left her with a toilet that could flush and the foul odor eventually went away.

She learned after this emergency visit that she needed to ask important questions like last maintenance on the system to know when she needed to clean the system next. When I move into a home with a septic tank, I will definitely ask those questions. That odor was horrendous.


5 Sure Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

Trees do not just add aesthetic value to a home, park, or any other establishment, for that matter. More than their beautiful green leaves, trees offer shade, conserve energy, produce oxygen for cleaner air, and reduce the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Of course, you have to do your part in ensuring that the trees are kept healthy and strong. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than necessary.

Here are 5 signs that mean it’s time to take that huge tree down by tree removal.

The branches have become very weak.

When a tree begins to decay, it also loses its previous strength since the branches are not given enough nourishment to grow. As soon as you see thinning or weakening branches, consider it as an alarming situation that needs checking out and further inspection. You may also want to check the branches for insect infestation.

The trees are damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Strong winds and heavy rains can cause massive damage to trees, especially during the worst storms. Mature trees, for example, may tend to grow over your home or property, which may eventually fall over and cause a huge problem. For areas that are prone to snow and hurricanes, it is recommended to have old trees removed as a preventive measure.

The bark cannot produce new layers.

Tree bark is more than just a part of the tree, it actually works to protect the trees from getting harmed by the forces of nature. Normally, a tree bark can replenish itself from time to time, with the old bark falling off and revealing a whole new layer. If the bark can no longer produce a new one, then it means that the tree’s health is deteriorating.

There is an existence of harmful fungi.

Tree Services
Tree Services

The presence of fungi is one of the surest signs of tree trouble. Basically, there are different types of fungi that can affect trees, and most of them can eventually lead to tree diseases that may not seem apparent at first. Take the root and butt rot disease, for instance. This particular disease eats up the tree from the inside causing decay and instability. If left untreated, the tree will fall off on its own leading to property damage.

The tree is suffering from decay.

When a tree becomes injured, it can cause cavities that are relatively connected with the declining health of a tree. If the cavity becomes large enough to fit objects or even small children, it needs to be filled out immediately. If the cavity has become too large that there is a possibility that the tree might topple over, then it is recommended to have it removed. The key here is to have the tree checked out by a specialist to avoid further damage.

Removing trees is not easy and may pose as a huge disadvantage to both the people and eh environment, but when safety is being compromised, there’s nothing more to do but to let it go. A huge decaying tree can cause extreme damage to property, and sometimes, create a danger to the lives of the people near it. Tree removal may just be the only feasible solution. Find out more ways to remove a tree.

Louvered Roof

Adjustable Patio Cover | Louvered Roofs

Adjustable Patio Covers

Good news is in the air for all the dwellers of the Greater Houston area and anywhere actually. The Houston Louvered Roof are specialists in giving an eye soothing and stable design to your patio to allow precise control of ventilation and sunlight. They hold good experience in building equinox louvered roof. Their unique and innovative ideas for the louvered roof systems are really inspiring. They have expertise in implementing these ideas smoothly. If you visit their website you will find many happy consumers of them. There is a testimonial section where clients have shared their ecstatic experiences. Delivering quality at the right cost is always the top priority for the Houston Louvered Roof.

The entire system right from order to work delivery is being managed in an efficient way. You can connect to the team by filling the inquiry form available at the website. Someone from the customer care team will get in touch with you shortly. Based upon the area available, you can also demand the cost estimation. Customizable designs of an adjustable patio cover can be done in any way you want it, and we will concentrate on all the details you envision. The renovation has never been much easier without the Houston Louvered Roof. Workers and designers are highly experienced.

Benefits of a patio cover like a Louvered Roof are one of many. They definitely protect your skin. A patio cover draws heat and UV light from your home, decreasing the current temperature and exposure to harmful UV Rays. If it protects your skin from UV damage, it will protect your patio furniture too from sunlight damage and provides a secondary heat shield. Adjustable patio covers give you the option to keep it cooler, protect your skin against the sun’s infrared rays, makes your patio more accessible through inclement weather, and improves the appearance of your home. Now let’s understand what is Louvered Roofs?

Louvered Roofs

Louvered Roof
Louvered Roof

It enables you to enjoy the outside weather at your choice. With the touch of your button, you can control the environment by deciding the amount of sunlight or rainfall you need. It comes along with the patio cover that will help to deliver shades to your home. It will protect you from excessive heat, harmful UV rays and keep your deck and swimming pool dry during the rainy season.

Why Houston Louvered Roofs?

Houston Louvered Roofs build your roofs according to the need and attach patio cover to it. Choose the flat or pitched roof design that fit your specifications. There is no compromise with the quality of inbuilt material. Your louvered roof will withstand the elements and never corrode or rust. Aluminum is used for lightweight and incredible strength. The built-in gutter system will help in channelizing the rainwater to avoid accumulation. Accumulation may lead to flood and structural damage.

Plan your day to get an appointment with the Houston louvered roofs to explain your budget and requirements, discuss the design and enjoy a hassle-free service. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority while delivering the service.

Sprinkler System

Top 4 Signs to Know if You Need a Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler System
Sprinkler System

Having a lush and beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream. The green grass ultimately becomes a stunning sight that relieves all your worries away. One of the best benefits of having a stunning lawn is basically the fact that it enhances the value of your property so if you’re thinking about putting your property in the market one day, you’ll definitely get higher price offers. An automated sprinkler system can help you achieve your dream lawn. However, while a well-maintained sprinkler system can last for years, some issues may arise at some point and you need to be on the lookout for these four signs.
1. Your water bills are unusually increasing.

Probably one of the most alarming signs which you need to take note of is a sudden increase in your water bills. Damaged sprinkler heads, broken valves, leaks – or just about anything that could keep your sprinkler system from functioning well – may cause water to over-spray. If you continuously forget to have it checked, you’ll end up losing more money than you can imagine. The key here is to immediately have your sprinkler system checked for possible repairs once you see a hasty surge on your monthly water bill.
2. Your system valves are acting up.

Has your lawn become weirdly dry? Or are some portions flooded? Yep, something is certainly wrong with the system which calls for a sprinkler system repair fast! Most of the time, the main cause of the problem is broken or malfunctioning valves. Water goes through the valves and out of the sprinkler heads. When something goes wrong, it’s either the water won’t come through or it would leak in one area of the lawn only.
3. You’ve noticed the grass dying.

Irrigation System
Irrigation System

Another cause for alarm is when you notice brown grass patches within your lawn area. Dry grass obviously means that it has not been watered for quite some time. The main cause? A malfunctioning sprinkler system. Deal with this by checking for some leaks or broken sprinkler heads. You might also need to verify if the water pressure is still good to provide enough water for your lawn. A thorough inspection will help you determine what needs to be fixed.
4. Your sprinkler heads are leaking.

A complete shut-off of the sprinkler means that no water should drip from the sprinkler heads anymore. If the water’s still dripping despite the system being shut off, then there’s a huge problem with the heads. Broken sprinkler heads can lead to water inefficiency and higher water bills in the end. You can prevent this by checking the sprinkler heads regularly to make sure that it’s still intact.
It’s normal for sprinkler systems to malfunction at some point, especially when it’s been used for a long period of time. Regular maintenance, though, can help you verify if there are damaged parts that need to be repaired. Remember that replacing the entire sprinkler system is a very costly job and you can avoid that, not now, anyway, by habitually checking out your sprinkler system.